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Pest Control

Pest Solutions offer comprehensive and effective general pest control services for residential and commercial premises.

We are aware that, whilst wanting eradication of all pests on their property, many of our clients have concerns about the effect pest control chemicals can have on their health and the environment.

That's why Pest Solutions use only brand name products that have been rigorously tested to ensure both their safety and efficacy.

We have highly experienced technicians in North Sydney, the Central Coast, the Hunter and the Taree /Forster-Tuncurry areas who are able to respond to all general pest problems and can provide pest control treatments for:

  • Cockroaches - an all-too-common invader, cockroaches can carry and spread disease-causing bacteria.
  • Ants - live in colonies that can number into the millions, difficult to eliminate once entrenched.
  • Spiders - while some spiders are beneficial others including the Funnel Web and Redback can be deadly.
  • Silverfish - primitive insects that feed on clothes and paper, their damage is often unsighted until it's too late.
  • Fleas - an external parasite with the potential to carry harmful bacteria.
  • Bed Bugs - an international problem and after a visit to infected accommodation you can unknowingly return home carrying a potential infestation.
  • Bird Lice - their bite can cause severe irritation and intense itching often leading to secondary infection.
  • Wasps - common in the summer, wasps can be aggressive and their stings very painful.
  • Borers - often cause unseen damage to floorboards, skirting, architraves and wooden furniture
  • Carpet Beetles - can cause damage to many animal-based fabrics containing wool, silk or fur.
  • Rats and Mice - destructive and dangerous pests, they eat and contaminate large amounts of food with their saliva and faeces as well as spreading disease through lice, fleas, ticks and mites.

Pest Solutions offer free advice and obligation-free quotes along with a full warranty on their general pest control services, so please feel free to call us and discuss your pest problems and a solution to them.

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